Vacation Rental Property Management: Mastering The Art Of Successful Ownership

vacation rental property management

As a vacation rental property owner, managing your property can be overwhelming. From attracting guests to keeping the property well-maintained to maximize rental property cash flow, it can be a lot to handle on your own. That’s why mastering vacation rental property management is so important. In this post, we’ll give you a clear definition of what vacation rental property management is and then take you through the necessary steps to master it.

What Does Vacation Rental Property Management Include?

Vacation rental property management is the art of managing a rental property that is used specifically for vacation purposes. It includes everything from marketing the property to guests, securing bookings, setting and collecting rental rates, addressing maintenance and repair issues, and more.

Mastering Vacation Rental Property Management

1. Marketing Strategies

The first step in successfully managing your vacation rental property is to develop a strong marketing strategy. Ensure your property is listed on popular vacation rental websites, and professional photography is taken and shared alongside guest reviews. This is because such reviews build credibility for your rental and make it more attractive to potential guests.

2. Pricing Tactics

A critical factor in owning a vacation rental property is setting the right pricing. You need to understand your target market, demand for rental property in your area, rental fees for properties similar to yours, and to update your prices frequently. You’ll want to research and understand market averages, peak seasons, and events, and tailor the prices accordingly.

3. Housekeeping Best Practices

Guests expect a clean, well-stocked, and comfortable living space. Providing high-quality housekeeping services is key to ensuring that guests have an enjoyable stay which leads to positive reviews. You may want to hire professional cleaners or ensure thorough cleaning between guests yourself. Pay attention to details such as comfortable bedding, basic amenities such as towels, bed linen, soap and toilet paper, and check that appliances, air conditioning, and heating function well.

4. Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is critical in property management. Regular inspections, responding to guests’ calls for help within a reasonable time frame and ensuring that everything is in pristine condition will ensure the longevity of your property. Consider hiring a competent handyman, plumber, or HVAC technician on a retainer to ensure your property is well maintained and avoid last-minute service runs.

5. Customer Service Strategies

Customer service is not just for hotels. Delivering exceptional customer service is foundational to a positive guest experience. Whether you’re managing guest inquiries before they book or addressing their needs during their stay, it’s crucial to respond promptly, clearly, professionally, and be friendly. Ensure that you have clear communication channels in place such as email, phone or online chat platforms, and that you make yourself available when urgent needs arise.

Real World Examples and Practical Advice

Consider the case of Mark who owns a large vacation rental property that accommodates up to ten guests. Mark realized he wanted to improve his guests’ experience and hire a professional cleaning company for the property. After the professionals came in before and after each new guest’s stay, Mark’s guests began to leave more glowing reviews, refer friends, and sometimes book for weeks in advance.

Another example is Liz. Liz had trouble building guest rapport and realized that customer care was a severe weakness. She invested in hiring a booking manager who handled communications and ensured guests’ needs were met. With this, Liz noticed happy guests, improved reviews, and decreased amounts of distressing phone calls.


Mastering vacation rental property management is undoubtedly critical to running a successful vacation home rental business.

Remember to not just manage your property with profits in mind, but prioritize delivering exceptional guest experience that keeps them coming back and in turn attract more guests for sustainable business growth.

Employing the right marketing strategies, pricing tactics, housekeeping best practices, maintenance tips, and world-class customer service strategies should remain at the forefront of your efforts.

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